White Shirt / by Didier Young

Shirt: Carven, Pants: Acne Studios

Shoes: Adidas

A man’s wardrobe traditionally contains a few staples: good denims, leather jackets, white tee shirts and converse shoes. One of the biggest sartorial pieces remains the white shirt. This versatile piece has the ability to adapt to every genre of style: in white linen with khaki pants, slim cut with tuxedo pants or in Egyptian cotton paired with jeans. The white shirt blends and acts as a canvas for the emotion you wish to portray and is often taken for granted given its ability to be the background to showcase other, more interesting statement pieces. 

A shirt that is perfect for any event you wish to go to, while still standing out within the crowd.

However, there has been increased effort from designers to make the white shirt more interesting. Philip Lim created shirts with jersey sleeves, Woo Young Mi made shirts with a multitude of pockets and even at high street brands such as Club Monaco, you can find alternatives to your traditional dress shirt. 

The wider front adds an interesting detail to the white shirt.

The piece being featured today is from French brand Carven and showcases a wider front than most. While the anatomy of the shirt itself remains fairly classic with a slightly boxier cut, the enhanced front creates a fresh take on an otherwise banal look. Paired with slim fit chinos and sneakers, the outfit is simple and casual while retaining some sartorial interest. Just like the white shirt, you are now outfitted to fit into any type of events you wish to go to while still standing out in the crowd.