Winter Village / by Didier Young

I am your father. You had me at Hello. I’m gonna make him an offer he won’t refuse. Movies and televisions shows have often been a source of popular culture quotes that transcended time. Each generation of viewers end up adapting their own jargon to the movies of the moment. I remember when Mean Girls came out and everyone could quote the entirety of the movie. To this date, I can still quote parts of it. Isn’t it fetch? In my everyday life, I make a lot of references to such quotes and yesterday I got to use one of my favourite ones from Gilmore Girls. I smell snow.

Today marked the first day of snowfall in Toronto. We have been anticipating this moment for a while now. The first snow is always the prettiest with nature being covered in a cold white cloak that instantly makes everything feel magical. On such an occasion, one could sit in front of a fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa. In my case, I decided to trek through the cold weather to make my way to one of the numerous Christmas markets around the city. The most popular destination in Toronto is located in the Distillery District and never fails to make people feel like they are at a traditional european market with its olden charms. However, today’s destination is slightly out of the downtown core and features one of my favourite walking trails in the city.

The Evergreen Brickworks earned its name from the fact that it used to be a brick making factory. Nowadays, it hosts multiple markets and festivals throughout the year and acts as a permanent nest to a plant nursery, the Café Belong and is a monument to part of Toronto’s history. During the Holiday seasons, the nursery sells a variety of pines and firs to the public and hand made wreaths. The Café is eternally busy as it is a popular brunch destination even during the summer. This year’s Christmas market, The Winter Village, is sponsored by Manulife and features an array of local artisans and taste makers from the city. One may sip on hot chocolate, eat one of the famous Chimneys and sit by one of the various camp fires throughout the grounds. 

If you were so inclined, you could also take a small walk along the trails located in the backside of the Evergreen Brickworks. I would highly suggest winter boots unless you feel comfortable with the high possibility of falling in the frozen pond. Photographers would also love the calm serenity of the surrounding views which are beautiful for landscape photography but also act as a fantastic backdrop for portraits.

Those interested should know that there is a free shuttle available at Broadview station that will take them to and from the location on a regular schedule. I came home without any feelings left in my extremities but with a heart grown thrice as such is the magic of Christmas. 



Scarf: UNIQLO/ Shirt: Everlane/ Jacket: Opening Ceremony/ Jeans: ACNE studios/ Boots: Timberland