Monthly Skincare Review: The Age of Aqualia / by Didier Young

Last month marked the beginning on a new skin related series for me whereby I decided to allocate more time to try out specific product to get a better idea of its effects on my skin over the span of a month. While we started out with one of my favourite brands (Click here to read the post about Avène), I knew that I had to write about another one of my beloved french brands next. The choice was relatively easy and the topic of this month’s skin post is Vichy.

On April 18th, I reseted my whole routine and replaced it all with Vichy products, most specifically the brand’s Aqualia Thermal line. Much like the previous brand that I reviewed, Vichy owes its name to the town where its water springs from. Founded in 1931, Vichy has risen to the top and become one of the biggest brands on the European Skincare market. The line that I tried this month targets sensitive skin and focusses greatly on hydration which is perfect after these long winter months.

The products that were used this month are the Aqualia Thermal serum, the light cream and eye balm. Since the line doesn’t have a toner or a face wash, I decided to include the Pureté Thermale Perfecting toner and face wash along with the brand’s thermal water spray and Mineral 89. The latter is one of my Holy grail product as it is packed with minerals and provides a huge boost of hydration. It is unscented and can be a tad sticky at first application but it does absorb quite rapidly. I have been using Mineral 89 for months prior to starting this project and I can honestly say that I’ve noticed that my skin has been retaining hydration a lot better than it used to. The toner and face wash are equally great and it almost smells like citrus upon usage. I have been using the toner, serum and mineral 89 post workout sessions and it has proven to be a winning combo so far. The thermal water is a fantastic product during the hot days but I do think that it sprays out a bit heavily on the skin. I do prefer mine to be mistier. 

Now let’s talk about the Aqualia Thermale line products. The Light cream promises 24 hours of hydration for normal to combination skin and it is supposed to “dynamically re-hydrate dry and dehydrated areas of the face by evenly spreading water throughout all facial zone”. While I did find it to be fairly sticky upon application, the cream does absorb rapidly into the skin and it ends up feeling lightweight and properly moisturized. I was trying out the product during a month when the temperatures would drastically change from day-to-day so I had to adjust accordingly. On hot days, the light cream was used exclusively at night (with Mineral 89 being used during the day) and on the colder days, the cream was perfect to use during day time. At $39.95 for a 50ml jar, this cream is fairly affordable and I do believe that it is worth purchasing.

I’ve only started using eye products a few months ago and I was convinced that they only came in cream form. Imagine how thrown off I was to try out the Aqualia Thermale Awakening Eye Balm. I was pleasantly surprised by the gel type formula and it had a nice cooling effect upon application and it was fairly scentless. Moving forward, I would probably use it as daytime eye product as I do prefer the cream formulas at night time. Last but not least, the serum. Out of the three, this was definitely my favourite product and it is perfect for all skin types. The lightweight formula provides 48 hours of hydration and it immediately softened my skin and replumped it from day one. 

All things considered, I have really enjoyed using this skincare line for the month. I was a tad dubious at first as it is quite heavily scented and I’ve always had a bad track record of breaking out with products containing fragrance but I am happy to say that those did not cause any damage to my skin.