Unexpected Joy / by Didier Young


Sometimes it’s easy to take the small things for granted. My move to the big city and to a First World country was fairly recent but at times, it is easy for me to forget my origins. Growing up in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, life was simple and definitely not as bountiful as it is here in Toronto, Canada. We did not have as much of a selection for everything but we were happy with the things that we did have. One of my fondest childhood memories was about Cadbury chocolates and I am excited to pair with the chocolate brand this holiday season to help #freethejoy.

In Mauritius, we did not have fancy chocolatiers making Yuzu Honey filled chocolates. The chocolates we had came from the supermarket and the prominent one was Cadbury. My family and I always shared a love for the brand. I remember growing up and I would go through the Savannah and brave the lions in our search for a bar of the tasty treat. I’m joking, we did not have any Savannahs on the island and the lions were safely secured in our national zoo. None the less, we still made special trips simply to go get some chocolate. I would always gravitate towards the hazelnut variety as it was my absolute favourite and I would always take it home and split it with my mother, who also shared my affinities for it. Chocolate sharing time was a lovely bonding moment between me and my mother and it was during that time that I realized that I had more in common with her than simply the kind of sweet treats that we both loved. 


In the years since then, I did a bit of travelling and got the chance to experience new flavours and broaden my gustative horizons. I learned of new ingredients and flavour pairings and got the chance to educate my palate to the complexities of wine and scotch. Do no get me wrong. I still cannot distinguish much differences but I learned which types of wines I love the most. There is one thing that never changed: my craving for Cadbury chocolate and all that it means to me. Each time I see the packaging, it reminds me of my dad and every single bite of that chocolate bar still brings me back to the times i used to sit on the couch with my mother and we’d go through the whole package within the hour. 

When you live in a the big city, sometimes its hard to think of grocery store products as luxurious or as the bringers of much job but in my case, Cadbury never fails to make me reminisce about my childhood and always brings me unexpected joy. As part of my stocking stuffers, I always add one of their chocolate bars in the hope that it will also help others bond the way I have with my parents.