Trouble in London / by Didier Young


Something rather unpleasant happened to me on my way to London: I found out that I had lost my PR card. For those unaccustomed with the term, a permanent residence card allows me to remain permanently in Canada and is the one piece of government issued identification that also allows me to re enter the country as I please. Needless to say that when I found out that I had lost it, I became a nervous wreck on the brink of tears.

I have been living in Canada for a while now and at times, I forget that I am not a citizen yet. Although I may stay as long as I wish, I do not get to vote and I do not have all of the benefits that Canadian citizens do. My heart belongs to Canada but Canada hasn't officially made me one of its offsprings…yet. Of course, I do intent on applying for citizenship eventually. Much like a lot of complicated things in my life, I tend to push back the tedious amount of paperwork that a citizenship application would imply. However, this little jolt of reality concerning my status in my beloved country might act as the catalyst to me taking this Canadian love a step further.


I think that I didn’t feel the need to apply because of how comfortable I felt about the situation. I was here. I was doing something that I loved doing and I had a great circle of friends. I did not find the desire to burst out of the cushiony cocoon that I had built around me. I didn't see the point of turning into a butterfly. Of course, my perspective has now changes. Thankfully, I soon learned that it was easy enough to go to the visa offices in London to submit an application for emergency travel documents that would allow me back to Toronto but it did dawn on me how easily I could be un-welcomed in the city I call home.


This instance does apply to a multitude of different scenarios in our lives. Those moments where we make ourselves a cosy home and refuse to leave the nest. However, we need to remember that there is a certain dullness to comfort. Of course, it is pleasing at the time but unfortunately it does not allow for progression. We need to always try and get out of our comfort zone, to create new things with a brand new vision and to simply become better versions of ourselves.

As I am writing this post, I am still unsure whether I’ll be able to go home but one thing is certain: if I am allowed back in the country, I am kick starting my citizenship application right away.



OUTFIT DETAILS: Sunglasses by DIOR/ Sweater by GAP X AMI Paris/ Watch by Skagen/ Pants by UNIQLO/ Shoes by Adidas/ Bag by Comme Des Garçons.