Travel Wear / by Didier Young

Travelling. When you are a blogger or insta-blogger with the slightest interest in fashion, that word usually evokes images of pretty sceneries where you get to be the model of your own editorial. When it comes to travelling, bloggers tend to spend weeks (if not months) prior simply securing fashion partnerships, doing pulls of clothing that is yet to hit the shelves and going on whirlwind shopping trips to find the perfect outfit for the perfect location. However, the journey to those utopian locations sometimes require a plane ride or two. Those are the moments when we shed away our glamorous garbs in favour of comfortable coats like everyone else. 

Feeling a tad grey today.

Do not be fooled by the intricate clothing that we sometimes wear: we love comfort too. Sweatpants and sweatshirts also form part of our jet setting attire. However, one does not need to fully sacrifice style when deciding to travel comfortably. A few key points should be kept in mind whenever you are dressing up or dressing down.

Fit. We always stress about the fit of a dress. The fit of a shirt. The fit of your denim. We rarely talk about the fit of your sweatpants. Comfortable does not have to be synonymous to unshapely. Thankfully, brands now understand the need for comfortable clothes that look good. There are quite a few companies out there who have adapted a slimmer fit for their loungewear at every price range imaginable. You can now find them at places such as H&M all the way to Saks. You have no excuse.

Sweatshirt. Ok that does not always apply. I am not expecting you to wear a sweatshirt on your way to Honolulu. However, being from Canada, there’s a high chance that if you see me at the airport, I’d be wearing one of those babies. As much as I was stressing out about the fit of my sweatpants, I am an absolute hippy when it comes to my sweatshirt. Be free. Be oversized. Above all, be comfy. Remember to always wear at least a thin tee shirt underneath just in case it gets too warm at your destination or if you get asked to remove your sweatshirt at security. It would be awkward if you did not have an under layer. Alternatively, one could also wear a tee shirt if it’s too hot or potentially a turtleneck. The main trick is to make sure that you carry as few layers as possible as it does quicken the process on the conveyor belt and through the metal detector.

Flying over Canada in the fall.

Metal. Try to wear the least amount of metal as possible. Bracelets and rings can be annoying to remove and to put back on so try to minimize the amount of jewelry you are wearing at the airport. Same goes to your shoes. If there is too much metalwork on your footwear, you may experience some delays at security. Oh and wear socks. Save us from the smell but also keep your toes warm during the flight.

You do not have to sacrifice style over comfort. You can have both.

Coat. I always like bringing a jacket with me. Just in case. In today’s case I picked a topcoat because my destination (Montréal) was experiencing some chilly days according to the weather forecast. Ironically, I spent my second day there walking around in a short-sleeved tee shirt but at least I was prepared.

Carry-on. If you are going for a short trip, just bring a carry-on. You will cut down on conveyor belt time and you will risk far less damage on your wallet during your trip. Remember that you are also allowed to bring an additional piece of personal baggage such as a purse or a backpack. Make sure that you bring a sturdy bag that can double up as a photoshoot accessory while still housing your laptop and camera during your travelling time.

Once at destination, its time to unpack, put on something a little less comfortable and go scout for photoshoot locations.

Tada. There you go. You are now ready to head off to your destination stylishly comfortable. The outfits you will shoot may be painful at times but there is no reason why you should not travel in comfort. However, if you do not have time to dress casually do not worry: the plane serves alcohol which also makes the ride far more enjoyable.



Coat by ACNE studios/ Turtleneck by UNIQLO/ Pants by Club Monaco/ Bracelet by Celine/ Bag by COACH/ Shoes by Adidas