Transitional weather / by Didier Young

Jacket: Zara, Tee: Kotn, Pants: Kit & Ace

Cap: COS, Shoes: MSGM

Transitional weather. Two words that I dread more than the singular word “winter”. Why? While it is easy enough for me to throw on a parka in winter and know that I am set for the day, the transitional seasons are finicky and absolutely unpredictable. While each of the four main seasons come with well-known climactic characteristics, the seasons in-between tend to be a blend of unpredictability.

Time for jackets again.

Let’s start from the bottom. The temperatures fluctuate during transitional season and there tends to be chances of rain or snow. It might be preferable to try avoiding fabric or suede shoes and instead opt for more weather resistant materials such as rubber and leather. A nice pair of Chelsea boots does the trick as they will protect your feet while keeping you looking stylish. Sneakers are also a good option, however try to stick with leather rather than fabric.

For the rest of the outfit, don’t stray too far from your usual style. In my case, that would be a lot of denim or lightweight pants and chinos that may act as good windbreaks. Keep the top simple with a plain tee shirt or a light sweater: build up layers of clothing that are easily put on or taken off depending on the current temperatures you are experiencing. I have an affinity for bomber and varsity jackets as I believe they look very casual chic. Based on the days, a cotton bomber or a wool varsity would be preferable.

Tis the season of confusing fashion choices in the morning but don't worry: Winter is coming.