Travelling: Ten Beauty Products I Could Not Live Without / by Didier Young


As we all know by now, I love skincare.  Growing up, my mother always put such a big emphasis on properly taking care of our skin, whether it was with the constant reapplication of sunscreen when we were at the beach or going to see the dermatologist when I got my first zit. I was lucky to have her guidance in figuring out which types of products I needed and she was always quite generous in making sure that I was fully stocked up in skincare. The more I aged, the more products I started adding to my daily routine but as I am getting myself ready to embark on a two week trip to Europe, I realized that I couldn't travel with all the products that I love. As such, I decided to narrow it down to ten products, new and old, that I simply couldn't live without.


Starting off with my skincare base, I decided to keep it sweet and simple. The Nuori vital foaming cleanser has definitely been my go-to lately. The Scandinavian beauty brand prides itself with the freshness of their products, creating small batch skincare that ensures the highest potency of the ingredients presents in them. When it comes down to serums, the one that I’ve been using the most for the past year is the Lucent Facial Concentrate from Aēsop. The serum is rich in vitamin C and helps to soothe, replenish and balance my skin. I love the thicker texture of Lucent and that it doesn’t leave my skin sticky after application. Last but not least, I’ll be taking the Avène Hydrance Light Hydrating Cream with me on my journey. Avène has been a staple in my routine since I started using skincare and it has never let me down. The light cream keeps my skin hydrated but absorbs wonderfully, which makes it the perfect base for my foundation.


When it comes down to eye treatment, the Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream is perfect for sensitive eyes and absorbs wonderfully into my skin. One of my favourite skincare discoveries in the past year was the Soveral Forever Young Rejuvenating Face Oil. Coming with a detailed tutorial for a daily face massage by celebrated facialist Alexandra Soveral, this face oil has become my holy grail. The organic product never fails to leave my skin healthy looking and absolutely glowing. It is also the only face oil I have ever used that I haven’t broken out to. The last skincare product I am taking with me is a topical one. I do tend to break out slightly when I travel, so I always make sure to carry some tea tree oil with me as it helps to rapidly dry out any blemish. This Thursday Plantation one has been in my cabinet for a while now and always does the trick. Another product that helps my skin to readjust when travelling is the new Repairing Honey Gel Mask from Guerlain. The mask helps to repair dry, damaged skin while also acting as a very potent night cream for me.


The next two products that I will be taking with me are my makeup essentials. I recently had a one-on-one session with Lancôme where I got to make my own custom made foundation. After scanning and figuring out my skin needs, the Lancôme team created a sheer and highly hydrating foundation that completely matches my skin tone. The “Le Teint Particulier” foundation was recently launched in Canada and is only available at Nordstrom. My second makeup essential is the YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen. The sheer formula acts as the perfect highlighter but also usually doubles as my concealer.


Last but not least, one essential that I could not travel without is definitely perfume. My signature scent is Le Labo’s Santal 33 but I have been switching it up slightly lately. Bergamotte 22 is a fantastic citrusy scent that is perfect for the warmer days while Mousse De Chêne 30 is a crisp greener scent that is perfect for the colder weather. On this particular trip, I would most likely opt for Mousse De Chêne but Bergamotte would be my pick if I were to travel to a warmer destination.


I am now ready to go. Obviously the products would switch slightly depending on my destination and the time of the year, however these ones should be perfect for the crisp October weather in London and Paris. Thankfully, my two biggest beauty tricks don’t take much space in my suitcase: lots of sleep and water.