Where to Find the Best Hawaiian Shirts this Season by Didier Young

Trends usually come and go while style is everlasting. Those are some of the words that I always repeat to myself whenever I try to give in to the impulse purchase of a new trendy piece. I’ve lived through the age of baby doll dresses and pink hair extensions (both pretty but not for me), baggy cargo trousers (also not for me) and most recently the glorification of streetwear with a big emphasis on athleisure and the current obsession with chunky dad sneakers. I have gone through those ages relatively unscratched and with a closet that remained true to my love of minimalist and clean silhouettes. However, there is one trend that I fully decided to embrace this summer: the aloha shirt.

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Transitional weather by Didier Young

Transitional weather. Two words that I dread more than the singular word “winter”. Why? While it is easy enough for me to throw on a parka in winter and know that I am set for the day, the transitional seasons are finicky and absolutely unpredictable. While each of the four main seasons come with well-known climactic characteristics, the seasons in-between tend to be a blend of unpredictability.

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