Baddies by Didier Young

The blogger world is comparable to a bee hive. We all work in unison to create the honeycomb that is our feed and just like bees are attracted to honey, we are attracted to minimalist locations, pretty latte arts and photogenic food. Luckily for us, the latest incarnation of this holy trinity manifested itself in the form of Baddies, located at Landsdowne and Bloor.

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PLANTA by Didier Young

The food chain is something that is simple to comprehend. Plants take in the minerals and nutrients from the earth and are then eaten by small herbivores. Medium predators prey on the former and are in turn the prey of larger animals, including humans. That is the gist of it. Over the years, humans figured out ways to obtain additional by-products from animals up and down the ladder. Milk is harvested from the cow and made into cheese and their hides are turned into wearable goods. However a subgroup of the population chose to forgo some steps in the food chain and to go back to its roots. The term veganism was hence born and allowed for the rise of food institutions such as PLANTA.

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