Travel Diaries: Stockholm by Didier Young

A friend of mine was heading off to Stockholm this past week and asked me for some recommendations about the city. Since its been two years since my last trip to the Swedish city, I thought that it would be smart of me to pull up the blog post about Stockholm to share it with him. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had never done a blog post about one of my favourite cities in the world! Of course, I decided to remedy to the situation by sitting down, editing my trip photos (you’d be surprised how much of a difference two years can do to someone’s editing style) and putting together this travel diary about the most populous city in the Nordic Countries.

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Trouble in London by Didier Young

Something rather unpleasant happened to me on my way to London: I found out that I had lost my PR card. For those unaccustomed with the term, a permanent residence card allows me to remain permanently in Canada and is the one piece of government issued identification that also allows me to re enter the country as I please. Needless to say that when I found out that I had lost it, I became a nervous wreck on the brink of tears.

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Travelling: Ten Beauty Products I Could Not Live Without by Didier Young

As we all know by now, I love skincare.  Growing up, my mother always put such a big emphasis on properly taking care of our skin, whether it was with the constant reapplication of sunscreen when we were at the beach or going to see the dermatologist when I got my first zit. I was lucky to have her guidance in figuring out which types of products I needed and she was always quite generous in making sure that I was fully stocked up in skincare. The more I aged, the more products I started adding to my daily routine but as I am getting myself ready to embark on a two week trip to Europe, I realized that I couldn't travel with all the products that I love. As such, I decided to narrow it down to ten products, new and old, that I simply couldn't live without.

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