24 hours In Montréal with Porter Airlines: New Instagrammable Spots by Didier Young

Out of all the Canadian cities, I am glad that I picked Toronto to be my home. Afterall, the city does offer a lot of opportunities and it is imbued with an intoxication energy that never fails to empower me. However, Montréal was a close second when it came down to finding myself a Canadian home. While the french city tugs at my heartstrings with its gorgeous architecture and food scene, unfortunately its winter was the ultimate factor that caused it to come second to Toronto. I try to visit as often as possible and when Sabrina suggested that we should go for a day trip to the city, we immediately booked our Porter flights.

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Travel Diaries: Montreal by Didier Young

When I arrived to Canada in 2009, I landed in the city of Toronto, the fast paced and commerce oriented capital of Ontario. Years later, I can now call this city a home that I cherish and love. I am by all means a Torontonian. However, sometimes I do feel a slight bit of ennui in the city and when this happens, I usually head off to La Belle Province to the beautiful city of Montreal. I recently took a spontaneous trip to the highly European influenced city for the brief duration of two days, spending a full day of simply strolling around the city and stopping by cafés and cute independent stores.

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