Canadian Open (Rogers Cup Presented by National Bank) with Peroni by Didier Young

I have never been one with much of an interest for sports. I have partaken in some of them, mostly because I was required to do so in high school as part of the curriculum. While I did understand the basics of most of them, I simply didn't understand the need or the passion that some people get out of sports. However, I will admit that there is one sport that managed to capture my interest: tennis.

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Lacoste/ Rogers Cup by Didier Young

This past Wednesday, I had the honour of attending the Rogers Cup, a yearly tennis tournament, courtesy of Lacoste. While the women’s tournament takes place in Montreal this year, the men’s matches are being held at the Aviva Centre at York University in Toronto. Read on to know about a dance between tennis giants and the wonderful brand that is Lacoste...

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