summer friday

Sephora Beauty Insider Event by Didier Young

It already started snowing and the temperatures have dropped below 0C in Toronto so I think that it is safe to say that fall is over and that we have now fully entered winter. I know that a lot of people dread the winter months but there are definitely some pros to the season. It is super festive with the beginning of the holiday season, it’s a great reason to drink hot cocoa spiked with baileys and mulled wine and it is also kicked off by a Sephora Beauty Insider event this year. For avid shoppers of the beauty store, that means that you’ll end up having a lovely little discount (20% for Rouge, 15% for VIB and 10% for Insiders) added to your purchases. As such, it is a great time to treat yourself with some goodies that you’ve been meaning to try out, restock or even start your Christmas shopping early. Without further ado, I’m going to share some of the must-have items that I am adding to my cart this year.

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