Travel Diaries: Stockholm by Didier Young

A friend of mine was heading off to Stockholm this past week and asked me for some recommendations about the city. Since its been two years since my last trip to the Swedish city, I thought that it would be smart of me to pull up the blog post about Stockholm to share it with him. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had never done a blog post about one of my favourite cities in the world! Of course, I decided to remedy to the situation by sitting down, editing my trip photos (you’d be surprised how much of a difference two years can do to someone’s editing style) and putting together this travel diary about the most populous city in the Nordic Countries.

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Blogger life by Didier Young

June 2016. I packed my bags and left for Scandinavia. After nine days in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I had an epiphany, a revelation of shorts. I realized that I was not happy doing what I was doing and that I needed a change. Thus began my career as a full time blogger. Was it everything I thought it would be? Above and beyond. Was it as much of a breeze as everyone thinks it is? Absolutely not.

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ACNE studios by Didier Young

The English language is a fairly easy one to comprehend. It is simpler to write than French and far easier to pronounce than Spanish. However, there are a few curveballs that prevent the formation of a straight line. Such an obstacle is a homonym. A word with the same pronunciation and written form but with a completely different meaning. Such a homonym is present in the fashion world as well: we all dislike having Acne (vulgaris) which would render our faces a tad less photographable but we are all crazy about ACNE (studios).

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