Skincare Review: Three Months Using the Clarisonic Mia Smart by Didier Young

Hello everyone! Is it just me or is this end of year season passing by even faster than usual? Much like most people, I’ve been busy wrapping up campaigns, attending holiday parties and stressing out about what to give to my loved ones for Christmas (or even worse, what to gift out for Secret Santa parties). I fell like I’ve been neglecting the Monthly Skincare blog post so I figured that I’d write one before Christmas fully comes around. While today’s post is not about a skincare product line per se, it does revolve around the newest versions of the Clarisonic, a multi-functional machine that cleanses and massages the skin and can even be used to apply makeup.

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Monthly Skincare Review: The Age of Aqualia by Didier Young

Last month marked the beginning on a new skin related series for me whereby I decided to allocate more time to try out specific product to get a better idea of its effects on my skin over the span of a month. While we started out with one of my favourite brands (Click here to read the post about Avène), I knew that I had to write about another one of my beloved french brands next. The choice was relatively easy and the topic of this month’s skin post is Vichy.

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