Chabrol by Didier Young

Nestled between two buildings in the heart of Yorkville and at the very end of an alley, Chabrol is in an inconspicuous location that is easily overlooked. What would be harder to miss however, is the warm welcome that the small restaurant received when it opened its doors at 90 Yorkville Avenue. Since then, Chabrol has become the french restaurant to go to when in the area....

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Platito Filipino Soul Food by Didier Young

Toronto is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. With our diverse communities, beliefs and cultures, there is always something for everyone, especially when it comes to edibles. One may find it easy to locate a good steak tartare, a delicious plate of butter chicken or even a tasty bowl of pho, but if you are craving Filipino food, the struggle is real.....

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