Self Worth in a World of Tinder by Didier Young

A few weeks after the end of my previous relationship, I decided that I’ve had enough of moping around and wallowing in something that was long past it’s expiration date. Against the advice of some of my friends, I decided to give in to the modern version of “going to a bar to meet someone”: I downloaded tinder.

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Pandora's Box: The End of a Relationship by Didier Young

I woke up one morning, feeling completely numb and unable to move. I remained in bed for a couple of hours, attempting to finally regain control of my limbs and get on with my day-to-day life but it was all in vain. While it has been common for me to be cursed with small occasional depression spells, this was the first time it had ever hit me to such a magnitude. This took place slightly over a week after me and my partner decided to dissolve our two year relationship. 

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