Home Redecoration: Redoing the Master Bedroom with Structube by Didier Young

A few months ago, Andrew and I decided to undertake a redecoration project for our living room/ dining room after we decided to move in together. We wanted it to match both of our aesthetics while still remaining affordable and after going furniture shopping both in store and online, we settled on a common area that was mainly furnished with Structube pieces. We loved it so much and the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive so when we decided to also redo the master bedroom, our obvious first choice was to work with Structube once again.

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Home Redecoration: How to Redo your Dining Room on a Budget with Structube by Didier Young

Winter is coming. Those famous words from George R. R Martin’s A Song of Fire & Ice novels couldn’t have been truer for the country I live in. Toronto is a gorgeous metropolis full of life during the summer but things do tend to slow down during the winter months, when everyone tries to remain indoors and the Uber Eats prices surge due to high demand. When my roommate moved out at the end of October, he left behind a highly aesthetically confused living room that was half decorated. Since I’ll be spending so much time at home in the upcoming cold months, it made sense to start the redecoration process right away to truly create the home that I had envisioned in my mind.

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