Social Media & Depression by Didier Young

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I usually write every week on the blog but for the past couple of weeks, I decided to take a small hiatus. To be quite frank, after all those years of blogging and instagramming I did feel a tad burnt out. There is a never ending supply of topics to write about out there, whether it’s about fashion, skincare or even just lifestyle in general but in a way, that endless stream of sharable content is perhaps a double edged sword that finally took it’s toll on me.

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A Recap of 2017: Freelancing, Heartbreak, Betrayal and Love by Didier Young

It has been a week since the countdowns have restarted and that we are slowly easing into a brand new year. Heads are slowly blurring out from the food and alcohol induced comas and most of us have already set up the goals that we wish to achieve in 2018. However, one cannot move forward without putting the past to rest and as such, I would like to summarize 2017 briefly.

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Resolutions for 2018 by Didier Young

The Grinch’s heart might have grown thrice in size but in my case, it’s my belly that expanded. With a long and joyful winter holiday season coming to an end, we are now finally entering that time of the year where everyone collectively creates another list of resolutions for the new year, yours truly included. Of course, we all make those lists every year: sometimes the resolutions stick and at other times they dissipate within a week or two. Here are some of the things that I would personally like to achieve this upcoming annual cycle.

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