SoSo Food Club by Didier Young

Growing up, I only knew two kinds of Chinese food: the one that my grandmother would painstakingly prepare all day for us on special occasions and the one at Chinese restaurants where there isn't a focus on service but the food is greasy and delicious. Since I moved to Canada, I haven't had much chance to sample my grandmother’s cooking but the second option is still relevant in my life. However, I have also discovered that Chinese food doesn’t have to equate to a restaurant with a yellow sign and poor service. Sometimes, you can find an upscale version of the asian food in a beautifully decorated environment and with that in mind, we went to dine at Soso Food Club.

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A Brunch at Ufficio by Didier Young

We all have specific food items that we would not be able to resist if we were faced with a plate of it. For some people it’s salted caramel and chocolate chip cookies. For others, it might be a bowl of chips with a side of freshly made guacamole. In my case, I’ve always had a soft spot (a.k.a my belly) for Italian cuisine. Who can resist a beautiful plate of pasta, a burrata salad with roasted beets or a bowl of tiramisu? If you disagree, we are probably not meant to be friends. Obviously the more variations of the same item you eat, the more you start to learn what you like and dislike in the making of the dish. You start becoming a picky eater. You begin to expect to be blown away at each bite of your Margherita pizza and it is with high expectations that I visited Ufficio for brunch a few weeks back.

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