Sustainability and Merchant Sons by Didier Young

When we think of the topic of fast fashion, clothing stores such as Zara and H&M often come to mind. Other than fast food, we seem to only think of clothing when the fast lifestyle subject comes up. However, there are other ways in which our daily lives are affected by the phenomenon. Every time we give in to the purchase of cheaper replicas where no original creativity was required, where products were the result of mass manufacture and without taking in environmental consequences or long term durability, we are giving in to the fast lifestyle. This rushed way of living, when conformity and quick results are pre requisites, surrounds us everywhere, from the mug in which you consume your morning coffee to the sheets you sleep in. 

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Sunscreens to Try Out This Summer by Didier Young

A few days back, I was walking back to my apartment when I noticed something that caught the corner of my eye: The magnolia trees were starting to bloom. Often one of the first ones to show their buds at the beginning of the season of renewal, magnolias are a far better indicator of the coming of spring than groundhogs are. Spring is a season of regrowth, with trees starting to coat themselves in a bright green duvet of young leaves and all the flowers start to bloom. As it is often the case in the law of the universe, when you get more of something you are meant to balance it out with less of something else. The more flowers start to bloom, the less clothing we seem to wear. With the higher percentage of exposed skin surface to the dangerous UV rays of the sun, it is time to start thinking about sun care.

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A Brunch at Lavelle by Didier Young

This past weekend, I attended a large blogger gathering at the beautiful Lavelle, located near Bathurst and King. I had been to the restaurant twice prior: I initially went for the La La Land premiere after-party (where I arrived shortly after Ryan Gosling left. Sad I know) and I had also been to the restaurant the weekend before for a more intimate brunch with five of my friends. Now that I have been to the restaurant three times, what are my thoughts about it?

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A Coffee at Safehouse by Didier Young

There is no denying the fact that Toronto has slowly, but surely, become a coffee metropolis of its own. Coffee shops in Toronto are often supplied by local roasters such as Sam James’ Cut Coffee, Pilot Coffee and Demello but they also do not shy away from ordering coffee beans from places such as The Barn in Germany.  With this array of coffee shops all showcasing fantastic beans, it is often hard to pick out your allegiance. Often it all comes down to location, instagrammability, latte art abilities and service. Today’s post is the new coffee shop and Instagram darling, Safehouse Coffee.

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A Change of Scent: Transitional perfumes from Parisian Brand Le Labo by Didier Young

I once had a friend who told me that when it comes to investing in key pieces in your wardrobe, you should always start with a wallet and shoes because those would be the first two things that people will judge you on. However there is one thing that is even more important to invest on: fragrance. While a lot of people downplay the power of fragrances, it is usually the first and last thing that they will notice about you when you are in their presence. No matter if you are carrying a Louis Vuitton wallet and wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes, if you stink then the illusion is broken. 

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Four places in Toronto to Brunch by Didier Young

Sunday morning, we wake up and put on our best attires. we clean up and try to make sure we look as decent as possible and we head out for one of the most important rituals of the week: brunch. An amalgamation of breakfast and lunch, this special meal originated in England in the late 19th century and gained popularity in the 1930s in the Unites States. Acting as a perfect excuse to consume alcohol at eleven in the morning, brunch has traditionally consisted of english muffins, egg benedicts and pancakes drizzled in maple syrups. It will come to no surprise to everyone that brunch is my favourite meal of the week but most brunch places often offer safe and interchangeable menus. Today, I am talking about food from my favourite brunch places in Toronto who offer their own take on the weekend meal.


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Four places in Toronto to Fika by Didier Young

Ingrained deep in Swedish culture, you will find a word that refers to a very special social institution; Fika. A back slag originally created during the 19th Century, the word fika is derived from an old variant of the word kaffe, meaning coffee in Swedish. While the literal meaning of the word is “to have coffee”, it now also refers to small meal breaks that may be taken during the day, similar in concept to an afternoon tea with the inclusion of sandwiches and fikabröd (fika bread) such as cardamom buns. The global crush we seem to have developed for everything Scandinavian started with fashion and furniture and organically led to our desire to adapt their lifestyle ethos to our lives. Today on the blog, I am talking about a few of my favourite places to fika in Toronto.

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Unexpected Joy by Didier Young

Sometimes it’s easy to take the small things for granted. My move to the big city and to a First World country was fairly recent but at times, it is easy for me to forget my origins. Growing up in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, life was simple and definitely not as bountiful as it is here in Toronto, Canada. We did not have as much of a selection for everything but we were happy with the things that we did have. One of my fondest childhood memories was about Cadbury chocolates and I am excited to pair with the chocolate brand this holiday season to help #freethejoy.

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Baddies by Didier Young

The blogger world is comparable to a bee hive. We all work in unison to create the honeycomb that is our feed and just like bees are attracted to honey, we are attracted to minimalist locations, pretty latte arts and photogenic food. Luckily for us, the latest incarnation of this holy trinity manifested itself in the form of Baddies, located at Landsdowne and Bloor.

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PLANTA by Didier Young

The food chain is something that is simple to comprehend. Plants take in the minerals and nutrients from the earth and are then eaten by small herbivores. Medium predators prey on the former and are in turn the prey of larger animals, including humans. That is the gist of it. Over the years, humans figured out ways to obtain additional by-products from animals up and down the ladder. Milk is harvested from the cow and made into cheese and their hides are turned into wearable goods. However a subgroup of the population chose to forgo some steps in the food chain and to go back to its roots. The term veganism was hence born and allowed for the rise of food institutions such as PLANTA.

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Aubergine by Didier Young

Roses are red, my favourite colour is blue. Purple is an intermediate between the two. The colour purple may refer to multiple things: It could be a reference to a movie featuring Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, a symbol of royalty or in today’s case, it could simply be the colour of my whole outfit. The specific shade we are looking at is aubergine, a fancy word of eggplant or simply how you say it in french. 


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COS X Agnes Martin Guggenheim 2016 by Didier Young

When someone brings up the topic of visual arts, most minds would wander to the Masters from olden eras. Van Gogh and his Sunflowers, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Kahlo’s self portraits and Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring immediately come to mind. When asked about contemporary artists, perhaps one would talk about Warhol and his revolutionary pop art movement or of his partner in crime, the crowned Neo- Expressionist Jean- Michel Basquiat. While all those artists were undoubtedly talented, few people would be able to name a Canadian artist, dead or alive. This may change very soon thanks to the Guggenheim’s exhibit of Agnes Martin.

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The Commodore by Didier Young

If you asked anyone about the Parkdale neighbourhood a few years back, you would have most likely been told to avoid stepping foot in the area. Showcasing an above average percentage of renters and some of the lowest income people in the city, the area was considered to be undesirable and unsafe for quite some time. Fast forward to today and Parkdale has begun a process of gentle gentrifications which started with the inclusion of a culinary strip on Queen West among which you may find The Commodore.

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New beginnings by Didier Young

In my natural habitat. Photo by Lauren McPhillips.

Hello everybody, my name is Didier and welcome to blog post numero uno.

If you're here so that we can discuss how Quantum Mechanics forbids the accelerating expansion of spacetime, then I am sorry you might have googled wrongly.

This blog is about a Toronto minimalistic lifestyle approach and all the components that it may entail. We shall discuss sensible fashion, mouthwatering food, excessive amounts of coffee and pretty potted plants next to white walls. For a slightly more detailed description of me and the way to properly pronounce my name and what it supposedly means, click on the About section located at the top righthand side corner of the blog.

While I do love global brands and the range of products that they shower the market with, Toronto has a wonderful array of artisans that produce quality Canadian goods that we sometimes overlook. As such, this blog will also feature many Toronto brands and institutions that have made an impact on me and more detailed outlooks on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hoping you enjoy the content that is yet to come.