J.Crew X New Balance by Didier Young

Espresso. Americano. Cappuccino. Mocha. If you were to ask a stranger about any of those four words, they will usually know that you are referring to a form of coffee beverage. Things start to get a bit hazier when asked about affogato, bicerin or cortado. However, there has been a prominent rise in the popularity of cortado recently, due in big part of Patrick Janelle from @aguynamedpatrick and his famous #dailycortado, which triggered the inspiration for a J.Crew X New Balance shoe collaboration.

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Kimono by Didier Young

Since 1971, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has thrown an annual fundraising Gala to finance its Costume Institute for the year and to signify the launch of a new exhibit at the museum. Each new exhibit has traditionally opened on the first Monday in May since 2001 but the show did not receive much global recognition until 2011’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty which honoured the deceased designer and broke attendance records. Since then, the Met exhibits have been under the scrutiny of the World, with each new show highly influencing brands and designers globally. 2015’s China: Through the Looking Glass became a glass shattering success which in turn created a huge revival of asian influences in fashion.

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