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Blogger Drama & The Importance of remaining True to Yourself by Didier Young

As I sat down to write this blog post, it dawned on me that my blog is almost at its two year anniversary. I still feel immensely blessed to be able to call this my full time job and it truly wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. What started off as a platform for me to review new food places and openings in Toronto slowly transitioned into a lifestyle blog and a place where I could share my thoughts and feelings. I remember the first time I decided to publish a personal blog post and I felt so anxious about how it would be received and you guys were so supportive through it all. However, when it came down to somewhat polarized subjects, I obviously garnered a few nods of disapproval.

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Comme Des Garçons by Didier Young

I remember there was a time when I would be awaiting fashion week eagerly, hoping to see a fresh new take on the classics from the designers worldwide. Unfortunately, it seems that season after season, the general level of creativity going into fashion design has diminished greatly and we are now left with a certain fashion ennui. Of course, I am not referring to the J.Crew and Club Monaco of this world but rather to bigger fashion houses that created revolutions of their own. 


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Blogger life by Didier Young

June 2016. I packed my bags and left for Scandinavia. After nine days in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I had an epiphany, a revelation of shorts. I realized that I was not happy doing what I was doing and that I needed a change. Thus began my career as a full time blogger. Was it everything I thought it would be? Above and beyond. Was it as much of a breeze as everyone thinks it is? Absolutely not.

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