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Fall Look by Didier Young

The temperature has finally gone down in Toronto which means that we have now entered my favourite time of the year: Jumper season. When it comes down to fashion, fall has always been my favourite with its beautiful coats, cosy jumpers and stylish boots. I have always found it hard to put together an elegant look in summer and winter but I usually thrive during the autumnal months. Today’s blog post will be short and sweet and focus on a typical fall look for me.

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First time in Osheaga by Didier Young

Although I have been living in Canada since 2009, this season has been a summer of many firsts for me. The last few months saw me camping and eating s’mores near a fireplace, going to my first baseball game and attending Osheaga. For those who might not know, Osheaga is a three day indie music festival hosted in the beautiful city of Montreal. Recently ranked on Forbes as the seventh most lucrative music festival in the world, Osheaga is by far the most important of its kind in Canada.

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Comme Des Garçons by Didier Young

I remember there was a time when I would be awaiting fashion week eagerly, hoping to see a fresh new take on the classics from the designers worldwide. Unfortunately, it seems that season after season, the general level of creativity going into fashion design has diminished greatly and we are now left with a certain fashion ennui. Of course, I am not referring to the J.Crew and Club Monaco of this world but rather to bigger fashion houses that created revolutions of their own. 


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