Hotel Guide: Shangri-La Toronto by Didier Young

We all have those times when we start feeling a tad uninspired by our surroundings and feel the need for a change of scenery. At times, that simply means that I need to get out of the house, go for a walk and end up at a coffee shop with my computer. On other occasions, it requires a week long trip somewhere completely different to fully recharge my inspiration tank. However, time doesn't always permit such a luxury and when such a situation arises, one of the best options is to partake in a small staycation here in the city itself. With that in mind, I packed a small overnighter bag and headed over to the Shangri-La hotel.

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A day with Lincoln by Didier Young

For the majority of my life, a car has simply been a motor vehicle. As long as it had four wheels and could take me to places, it didn't really matter much to me and I was at a complete loss whenever anyone were to mention a specific car model or the power of an engine. However, my recent experience with Lincoln has completely changed my perception of what cars should be like.

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