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Travel Diaries: Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter by Didier Young

My most recent trip to L.A would not have been complete without a quick visit to Universal Studios. Andrew and I are both huge Potterheads (not to be confused with potheads) and we felt that we had to allocate a full day for Universal Studios so we could maximize our time in The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. Little did we know that the magic didn’t end at Hogsmeade and we would end up having so much fun in the other worlds present on the premises as well!

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Travel Diaries: A Week in Instagrammable L.A by Didier Young

I hopped off the plane at LAX with my dreams and a cardigan a couple of weeks ago for a full week in Los Angeles. This marked my first time in the City of Angels and I won’t lie, I had mixed feelings about going there. Prior to any trip, I usually ask people who’ve travelled to my future destination for recommendations and it seemed that LA was a city that people either absolutely fell in love with or fully swore to never step foot in again. As it turned out, the city is often overtly glamourized by Hollywood and I feel that some people might have their preconceived ideas of LA shattered when they visit. That being said, the city is an interesting mix of highs and lows and it can be quite pleasant if you know exactly where to go. In today’s post, I’ll highlight some of my favourite spots and neighbourhoods in LA and quick mentions of how to enjoy the city in the best way possible.

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