Travel Diaries: London (Part Two) by Didier Young

If you guys all remember, I had a little trip to London a while back and I even wrote a blog post about it. However, my week-long stay in the British capital was far too extensive to cover it all in one article and I promised a part deux to my London post which is now finally live. Two months later. Sorry guys. In part one, I talked about my love for the British culture and its rich architecture and part two will focus on some of the keys places that made my trip absolutely magical.

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Travel Diaries: London (Part One) by Didier Young

I grew up on a small island that is part of the Common Wealth and when I was old enough, I ended up packing my bags and moving to Canada. All throughout my life, I have been surrounded by the constant image of Queen Elisabeth II and most of my studies were done while following Cambridge’s schooling system. When I am not out and about at night for work events, you’ll usually find me cozied up while drinking tea, eating ginger snaps and rewatching The Crown or Downton Abbey in bed. I might as well be British. As such, it really wasn't much of a shocker when I decided to jet off to London on my latest trip to Europe.

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Trouble in London by Didier Young

Something rather unpleasant happened to me on my way to London: I found out that I had lost my PR card. For those unaccustomed with the term, a permanent residence card allows me to remain permanently in Canada and is the one piece of government issued identification that also allows me to re enter the country as I please. Needless to say that when I found out that I had lost it, I became a nervous wreck on the brink of tears.

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