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Scents of the Summer by Didier Young

It’s been slightly over a month since the summer solstice, the one day that announces the longest stretch of daylight of the year after which it all goes downhill. After a long winter in Toronto, we’ve been blessed with a fantastic summer thus far and it is standing strong judging by my newly acquired sunburn. Some of the things that often drop at the same time as the tree leaves in autumn are new fragrances. Today on the blog, I’ll be talking about some of the scents that I am most excited to wear, both for the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

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Le Labo City Exclusives by Didier Young

I will forever think of my dearly beloved mother each time I get a whiff of Coco by Chanel. It was the same scent that her mother used before her, and my own mother would choose to wear the Chanel perfume for special occasions. She had other favourites that she wore on an everyday basis, but Coco by Chanel was so unique, so powerful, elaborate and elegant that it remains the one perfume that reminds me of her without fail. It became her signature scent. 

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A Change of Scent: Transitional perfumes from Parisian Brand Le Labo by Didier Young

I once had a friend who told me that when it comes to investing in key pieces in your wardrobe, you should always start with a wallet and shoes because those would be the first two things that people will judge you on. However there is one thing that is even more important to invest on: fragrance. While a lot of people downplay the power of fragrances, it is usually the first and last thing that they will notice about you when you are in their presence. No matter if you are carrying a Louis Vuitton wallet and wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes, if you stink then the illusion is broken. 

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