KOTN Store Opening on Queen West by Didier Young

Two boys and a girl meet in New York. The gentlemen are from Waterloo and the lady is from Toronto. They strike a friendship. While this may sound like the beginning plot lines of a new sitcom coming to CBS this fall, this is the premise of the beginnings of the brand KOTN. Mackenzie, Rami and Ben became friends who decided to start up a clothing brand and Rami immediately suggested something close to his roots; Egyptian cotton. When investigating the fabric option, they realized that Egyptian cotton was in danger of extinction due to the issues faced by the producers in the country.  Thus KOTN became a brand with an unintentional cause.

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Transitional weather by Didier Young

Transitional weather. Two words that I dread more than the singular word “winter”. Why? While it is easy enough for me to throw on a parka in winter and know that I am set for the day, the transitional seasons are finicky and absolutely unpredictable. While each of the four main seasons come with well-known climactic characteristics, the seasons in-between tend to be a blend of unpredictability.

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