A Brunch at Ufficio by Didier Young

We all have specific food items that we would not be able to resist if we were faced with a plate of it. For some people it’s salted caramel and chocolate chip cookies. For others, it might be a bowl of chips with a side of freshly made guacamole. In my case, I’ve always had a soft spot (a.k.a my belly) for Italian cuisine. Who can resist a beautiful plate of pasta, a burrata salad with roasted beets or a bowl of tiramisu? If you disagree, we are probably not meant to be friends. Obviously the more variations of the same item you eat, the more you start to learn what you like and dislike in the making of the dish. You start becoming a picky eater. You begin to expect to be blown away at each bite of your Margherita pizza and it is with high expectations that I visited Ufficio for brunch a few weeks back.

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Oretta by Didier Young

When one thinks of the 20s, we have a couple of things that come to mind. We might recall The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece set during the decadent era. It was the beginning of a new world post the First World War and the Prohibition was in place in America. Women wore beautiful beaded flapper dresses and the world was influenced by Art Deco. A style drawing its inspiration from cubism, fauvism and Les Ballets Russes, Art Deco became one of the world’s first International Architectural styles. Many examples of the style still remain: The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in New York, Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík, Palais de Tokyo in France and even The Maple Leaf Gardens right here in Toronto. Modern interior designers still take inspirations from the style, including the one who created Oretta.

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Figo by Didier Young

One of the jewels in Icon Legacy’s panoply of hospitality outlets, Figo is a restaurant that focuses on Italian cuisine. The aptly named restaurant (Figo meaning Cool in Italian), is located at 295 Adelaide St.W, in an area that has become King Street’s restaurant strip over the years. Although the area had been plagued with sub par food for quite a while, the strip has slowly grown into a more elegant and refined dining district in Toronto, thanks in part to restaurants like Lee, Buca and Byblos.


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