Social Media Insecurities by Didier Young

You know those people who endlessly reminisce about their high school glory days? Not me. I hated high school. Like most kids with a creative inclination, I was persecuted and bullied for not indulging in the banalities of my peers. I was different and the other kids did not like it. From there started the name calling and the body shaming, both from people I dreaded and from others I thought were friends. One year, I was called obese and the next I was deemed anorexic. I was made fun of for idiotic things like having freckles. After I graduated, I finally started to blossom into the person that I was meant to be. I became more confident and prouder of who I was. I finally shed the insecurities that had been thrust upon me for years. At least, that what I thought.

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