The Truth behind Influencer Marketing by Didier Young

By now, we have all heard of the huge controversy that sparked last week between the Charleville Lodge Hotel and blogger Elle Darby. For those who might be unaware of the incident, Elle wrote an email to the hotel to pitch the idea of a free stay at the location in exchange for showcasing them on her social channels to promote awareness of the amenities to her followers. The hotel owner decided to publicly embarrass the blogger by posting her email and his obvious disdain for the blogging community and the whole affair blew out of proportion quite rapidly. I pondered writing about the subject as my views would obviously be considered biased given my profession of choice but I do believe that this is a subject worth talking about. Without further ado, let’s talk about bloggers and the reality behind our “free” things.

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Influencer Agency: Things to Know Before Joining One by Didier Young

The life of an “influencer” always seems like a dream when you look at their social channel. When you sneak a peek at the behind-the-scenes of a project, you’ll notice numerous pitches, emails and phone calls before a contract is even signed. Once the official paper works are done, the true work begins. The creative part of the job is then followed by further emails to seek the approval of the brands and often, you have to fight for your vision and creative direction of the project. I will admit that paper work has never been my forte and as the amount of contracts started increasing, I decided to look into getting an agency to represent me.

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Social Media Impact and Self-entitlement by Didier Young

An event I recently attended was the beginning of a very interesting night for me. Upon arriving at the venue, I was directed to the “Instagram table” where I was sitting quietly until I was very rudely asked to move by a blonde middle aged woman who then proceeded to sit her fellow Instagrammer friends at the table. After this, I decided to take it to my insta-stories to document my particular feeling about this intrusion and it in turn resulted in my inbox being flooded with responses from people who either felt the same way as I did, or that my words were too harsh. Either way, this whole night ignited a few topics that I would love to talk about today on the blog.

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