Black Friday shopping with Indochino by Didier Young

Everybody loves a good suit. The imperative word here being “good”. A good suit can be worn in different ways: with a white tee shirt and chucks for a casual look or you can wear a crisp shirt and brogues if you’re planning to dress to impress. The range of variables is quite wide but there is one thing that you should never compromise on: a good fit.

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Indochino by Didier Young

Few things fit perfectly when you purchase them off the rack. Tee shirts are often too baggy or too tight, jeans are too constrictive or completely annihilate the numerous (or very few) hours you spent squatting at the gym. From time to time, you will find a piece that fits you like a glove. In Poop Brown. While most of us manage to manoeuvre around the issue and somehow find ways to make it work, some pieces in a man’s closet simply cannot be worn ill fittingly, namely a proper suit. That’s where companies like Indochino come into play.

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