The Importance of Being Yourself by Didier Young

I recall growing up, how much I wanted to be exactly like everyone else. To blend in. To be one with the crowd. I hated my freckles, had body issues especially regarding my weight and I even disliked my name because it set me apart. I dressed in oversized tee-shirts in a shade of brown that was absolutely horrendous on my skin tone and in my own way, I was content whenever I was invisible. My reluctancy to be seen only made me more visible to a small group of bullies which further accentuated my personal issues. I was misunderstood because I was different and I was even mockingly given an award for “most social”. Little did they know that nine years later, I would make social media my full time occupation.

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Instagram Algorithm and Personal Consequences by Didier Young

Anytime you are at an event, you can usually tell what specific genre of blogging everyone is into based on their conversations. Fitness bloggers often talk about their gym routines or pushing their limits. Beauty bloggers are the first to notice that you’ve bleached your hair a shade lighter. Food bloggers usually crowd nearest to where the canapés are coming out to make sure they get some of the food to use as props in a photo. Those small details are often the best way to know what terrain you are entering while on the blogger battlefield. However the lines have blurred slightly lately as it seems that every blogger, no matter the genre they represent, seems to be preoccupied with the same topic: Instagram.

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COS 10: The Anniversary collection of the Swedish Brand by Didier Young

Opened on Regent street in London in 2007, The first COS store was the fashion concept little sister of mega-brand H&M. Since then, the brand has grown into its own, becoming a shopping destination for avid lovers of the Scandinavian minimalist movement. The pieces are often quite reminiscent of luxury brands such as The Row and Celine but offered at a price range that is within reach of most households. Prior to COS’s Canadian landing, I will admit to not being entirely familiar to the brand. However, it was love at first sight when I entered the store located on Bloor Street. Since then, my closet has adapted itself to include numerous pieces from the Swedish brand.

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