Monthly Skincare Review: The Best Routine to Rehydrate Your Skin by Didier Young

As an avid lover of skincare, I always feel the urge to give new products a try since there’s always something fresh and new coming out on the market. That being said, the constant rotation of new products isn’t the most beneficial to my skin, especially combined with the fact that I’ve been travelling back and forth from hot to cold climates lately. As a result, my skin isn’t at its optimal and I’ve been experiencing a few hydration and breakout issues. I am not blaming any of the new products I’ve been trying but rather, I felt like my skin needed a small break and it was time for me to momentarily go back to a routine of my holy grails.

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Monthly Skincare review: Fresh by Didier Young

Since it is a new year, I figured that it was time to start Fresh. Literally. Fresh is one of those skincare lines that I didn’t know much about before starting this blog post. I have seen them on the shelves of Sephora for years and I had given their Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment a try. It was a fantastic lip balm but for some reason I never thought twice about giving their other products a try until now. Since the brand does carry a fairly sizeable and diverse product line, I decided to focus on face products with an emphasis on hydration.

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