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Travel Diaries: Brittany, France by Didier Young

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence on the blog. For the past two weeks I have been travelling in France and I have been trying to take in as much of my surroundings (and bread. And croissants. And salted butter) as I could so I was a bit less active on social media and on the blog. It’s been a few days since my return to Toronto and I am finally starting to settle back into my regular routine here so everything is back up and running! The reason why I went to France was for a fun little blogger competition. France tourism reached out to me a few months ago about their Know-How Challenge which would take three different pairs of bloggers to a mystery region in France where we would compete to showcase a specific category. Needless to say that I was super thrilled by the idea of this challenge and a few months later, I started my journey with a plane ride to Montreal.

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