Travel Diaries: Brittany, France by Didier Young

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence on the blog. For the past two weeks I have been travelling in France and I have been trying to take in as much of my surroundings (and bread. And croissants. And salted butter) as I could so I was a bit less active on social media and on the blog. It’s been a few days since my return to Toronto and I am finally starting to settle back into my regular routine here so everything is back up and running! The reason why I went to France was for a fun little blogger competition. France tourism reached out to me a few months ago about their Know-How Challenge which would take three different pairs of bloggers to a mystery region in France where we would compete to showcase a specific category. Needless to say that I was super thrilled by the idea of this challenge and a few months later, I started my journey with a plane ride to Montreal.

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A Change of Scent: Transitional perfumes from Parisian Brand Le Labo by Didier Young

I once had a friend who told me that when it comes to investing in key pieces in your wardrobe, you should always start with a wallet and shoes because those would be the first two things that people will judge you on. However there is one thing that is even more important to invest on: fragrance. While a lot of people downplay the power of fragrances, it is usually the first and last thing that they will notice about you when you are in their presence. No matter if you are carrying a Louis Vuitton wallet and wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes, if you stink then the illusion is broken. 

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