The Skincare & Beauty Products that I Cannot Travel Without by Didier Young

Life truly does work in mysterious ways. Do you ever have something that you really want to do in the back of your mind but simply don't have the opportunity or time to do? That something was travelling for me. Although I’ve always envied my friends who were jetting from location to location, my previous job took too much of my personal time for me to be able to afford the luxury of travelling. Even though I’ve been a freelance blogger for two years now, I still had issues dedicating time to travelling until a few months ago when I started doing more press trips. 

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Travelling: Ten Beauty Products I Could Not Live Without by Didier Young

As we all know by now, I love skincare.  Growing up, my mother always put such a big emphasis on properly taking care of our skin, whether it was with the constant reapplication of sunscreen when we were at the beach or going to see the dermatologist when I got my first zit. I was lucky to have her guidance in figuring out which types of products I needed and she was always quite generous in making sure that I was fully stocked up in skincare. The more I aged, the more products I started adding to my daily routine but as I am getting myself ready to embark on a two week trip to Europe, I realized that I couldn't travel with all the products that I love. As such, I decided to narrow it down to ten products, new and old, that I simply couldn't live without.

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