Sam James/ Stüssy by Didier Young

In theory, the act of roasting coffee seems quite easy enough to accomplish: green coffee beans are poured into a roaster, where they are slowly roasted to the desired degree and they are then dumped from the roasting chamber and air cooled. While one could attempt the whole procedure simply by looking for a specific colouration to the beans, it takes an expert to understand the subtle calibrations in temperature, smell, colour and sound that result in the finished product that they are aiming to achieve. One such master roaster is the owner and namesake of Sam James Coffee Bars in Toronto and the creator of Cut Coffee.

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Tipping point by Didier Young

I recently posted an old photo of a restaurant on my Instagram page. I was running low on photos, and it was a photo I never posted before so I figured why not right? The food looked delicious and the location was relatively pretty, yet I refused to geotag or tag the restaurant in the photograph. Why you may ask? Simply because that photo reminded me of the horrible service that I received at that restaurant that day.

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Tabule Souk by Didier Young

Bulgar wheat and diced tomatoes. Chopped parsley, green onion and fresh mint. Add in some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. This is not a hot new recipe that I have just come up with as part of my New Years resolution but it does make for a nice salad. Those are the ingredients of tabule, one of the quintessential Middle Eastern dishes and the mixture immediately conjures up images of pita bread, delicious hummus and shakshuka dishes. It also happens to be the name of a restaurant in Toronto.

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