Miku by Didier Young

This time of year holds a different meaning for everyone. Students are glad to be done their exams and to head home for the holidays. Bloggers start working on their holiday gift sets and end of year giveaways. Others start stressing out because Christmas is at our door steps and we ended up buying more presents for ourselves than for our loved ones. When it comes to the Hospitality industry, restaurants start gearing up to launch their Holiday menus. Today, we shall take a look at Miku’s.

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PLANTA by Didier Young

The food chain is something that is simple to comprehend. Plants take in the minerals and nutrients from the earth and are then eaten by small herbivores. Medium predators prey on the former and are in turn the prey of larger animals, including humans. That is the gist of it. Over the years, humans figured out ways to obtain additional by-products from animals up and down the ladder. Milk is harvested from the cow and made into cheese and their hides are turned into wearable goods. However a subgroup of the population chose to forgo some steps in the food chain and to go back to its roots. The term veganism was hence born and allowed for the rise of food institutions such as PLANTA.

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Pai by Didier Young

Originally, I come from a fairly multicultural island called Mauritius. Growing up, the food I ate was primarily of Chinese and French influence, but I was also exposed to lots of African and Indian food. However I had never had sushi prior to moving to Toronto and if you would have mentioned Pad Thai I would probably have said Gesundheit. My first experience with Pad Thai was not necessarily the best for a very simple reason: I ordered it from Spring Rolls. Over the years, I gave the noodle dish numerous chances at various institutions in the city but all in vain. I never loved it and thought it was always too vinegary or spicy or tasted closer to ketchup than anything else. After expressing my distaste for the dish to the astonishment of many people, I decided to visit the one place that they all seemed to recommend: Pai.

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