food stories

Food Basics at Landsdowne and Dupont by Didier Young

I was recently reminiscing about my college years. I remember all the wonderful moments spent in school, learning to bake bread and creating chocolate sculptures. The greasy lunches eaten at the nearby diner. I also remembered that money was a bit tight back then and that forced me to eat out less and cook at home more often. Toronto is blessed with a multitude of different grocery stores, however most of the ones populating the downtown core can get expensive. Thankfully, there were a few oases in the city where one can shop at a lower price range so that they can spend their money on the things they really want, and one of them is the topic of today’s blog post: Food Basics.


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Sam James/ Stüssy by Didier Young

In theory, the act of roasting coffee seems quite easy enough to accomplish: green coffee beans are poured into a roaster, where they are slowly roasted to the desired degree and they are then dumped from the roasting chamber and air cooled. While one could attempt the whole procedure simply by looking for a specific colouration to the beans, it takes an expert to understand the subtle calibrations in temperature, smell, colour and sound that result in the finished product that they are aiming to achieve. One such master roaster is the owner and namesake of Sam James Coffee Bars in Toronto and the creator of Cut Coffee.

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