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Clarity by Didier Young

I was sitting in front of my laptop yesterday trying to figure out the topic of this week’s blog post. It has been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had much time to sit down and ponder upon the next article that I wished to write. Even though so much had happened, I simply felt mentally drained but I still felt the pressure to post something today. I felt the need to post weekly on the blog to remain relevant and to keep producing content which in turn started making me feel anxious. So yesterday afternoon I decided to take a step back.

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The Importance of Being Yourself by Didier Young

I recall growing up, how much I wanted to be exactly like everyone else. To blend in. To be one with the crowd. I hated my freckles, had body issues especially regarding my weight and I even disliked my name because it set me apart. I dressed in oversized tee-shirts in a shade of brown that was absolutely horrendous on my skin tone and in my own way, I was content whenever I was invisible. My reluctancy to be seen only made me more visible to a small group of bullies which further accentuated my personal issues. I was misunderstood because I was different and I was even mockingly given an award for “most social”. Little did they know that nine years later, I would make social media my full time occupation.

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Resolutions by Didier Young

New year, New me. As we bid adieu to a very interesting 2016, we partake into another big cultural tradition: New Year resolutions. Each January, we choose some goals we would love to achieve throughout the year and we try our best to adhere to them. As a global community being influenced by the same social pressures and beliefs, we do tend to have a somewhat mainstream list of goals we would like to tick off our check lists. However, how realistic are the goals we set and how likely are we to achieve them?

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