New beginnings by Didier Young

In my natural habitat. Photo by Lauren McPhillips.

Hello everybody, my name is Didier and welcome to blog post numero uno.

If you're here so that we can discuss how Quantum Mechanics forbids the accelerating expansion of spacetime, then I am sorry you might have googled wrongly.

This blog is about a Toronto minimalistic lifestyle approach and all the components that it may entail. We shall discuss sensible fashion, mouthwatering food, excessive amounts of coffee and pretty potted plants next to white walls. For a slightly more detailed description of me and the way to properly pronounce my name and what it supposedly means, click on the About section located at the top righthand side corner of the blog.

While I do love global brands and the range of products that they shower the market with, Toronto has a wonderful array of artisans that produce quality Canadian goods that we sometimes overlook. As such, this blog will also feature many Toronto brands and institutions that have made an impact on me and more detailed outlooks on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hoping you enjoy the content that is yet to come.