Testing Out the Pixel 3XL in New York by Didier Young

Hello New York! Even though I have lived in Canada for a decade now, it took me a while to make a trip to the Big Apple. Last spring was my first time in New York and it was such an overwhelmingly stimulating experience that I was eager to repeat. So when Andrew managed to get three days off and really wanted to take a short trip out of Toronto, New York was a no brainer. After all, it is only an hour away from home (by plane), it is easily accessible at Billy Bishop Airport right downtown and there was still so much for us to explore in the city. After booking our impromptu flights, we packed our overnighter bags, passports and I figured that it would be the perfect terrain to give the Google Pixel 3 XL a try.

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Travel Diaries: Prince Edward County by Didier Young

Even though I grew up on a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean, I’ve always been happiest in big cities. However, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from the concrete jungles and just head to a place with a slower pace. Toronto might be a metropolis in its own right but if you step into your car and drive off in any directing, within the hour you will find yourself in a completely different setting. With that in mind, the girls and I packed our bags and took a two hour drive to Prince Edward County.

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