YSL Beauty Hotel by Didier Young

After launching in Paris last January and travelling to different cosmopolitan cities around the world including Hong Kong, London and New York, The YSL Beauty Hotel finally appeared in Toronto. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited about its arrival: between its sleek packaging and fantastic formulas, YSL beauty is definitely one of the top beauty brands on the market. As an extension to the Saint Laurent fashion house, YSL beauty brilliantly encapsulates the rock’n’roll spirit with its line of daring products and I was eager to learn more about it all.

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Best Concealers for Men (and women) by Didier Young

Physical appearance often plays a big role in our day-to-day life. We pay close attention to the way we dress, to our mannerisms and to the shininess of our shoes. For women, makeup has played a great role in their way of shaping the World’s perception of them and recently, men have also been jumping on the makeup bandwagon. The trick to male makeup is to create a skin that looks natural and even but without appearing lifeless. We do not require extravagant eyelashes and highly pigmented eyeshadows and hence the emphasis would be solely on our skin. I will be starting off this small makeup series with one of the key items to possess: a good concealer.

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