Sam James/ Stüssy by Didier Young

In theory, the act of roasting coffee seems quite easy enough to accomplish: green coffee beans are poured into a roaster, where they are slowly roasted to the desired degree and they are then dumped from the roasting chamber and air cooled. While one could attempt the whole procedure simply by looking for a specific colouration to the beans, it takes an expert to understand the subtle calibrations in temperature, smell, colour and sound that result in the finished product that they are aiming to achieve. One such master roaster is the owner and namesake of Sam James Coffee Bars in Toronto and the creator of Cut Coffee.

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J.Crew X New Balance by Didier Young

Espresso. Americano. Cappuccino. Mocha. If you were to ask a stranger about any of those four words, they will usually know that you are referring to a form of coffee beverage. Things start to get a bit hazier when asked about affogato, bicerin or cortado. However, there has been a prominent rise in the popularity of cortado recently, due in big part of Patrick Janelle from @aguynamedpatrick and his famous #dailycortado, which triggered the inspiration for a J.Crew X New Balance shoe collaboration.

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Travel Diaries: Montreal by Didier Young

When I arrived to Canada in 2009, I landed in the city of Toronto, the fast paced and commerce oriented capital of Ontario. Years later, I can now call this city a home that I cherish and love. I am by all means a Torontonian. However, sometimes I do feel a slight bit of ennui in the city and when this happens, I usually head off to La Belle Province to the beautiful city of Montreal. I recently took a spontaneous trip to the highly European influenced city for the brief duration of two days, spending a full day of simply strolling around the city and stopping by cafés and cute independent stores.

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Four places in Toronto to Fika by Didier Young

Ingrained deep in Swedish culture, you will find a word that refers to a very special social institution; Fika. A back slag originally created during the 19th Century, the word fika is derived from an old variant of the word kaffe, meaning coffee in Swedish. While the literal meaning of the word is “to have coffee”, it now also refers to small meal breaks that may be taken during the day, similar in concept to an afternoon tea with the inclusion of sandwiches and fikabröd (fika bread) such as cardamom buns. The global crush we seem to have developed for everything Scandinavian started with fashion and furniture and organically led to our desire to adapt their lifestyle ethos to our lives. Today on the blog, I am talking about a few of my favourite places to fika in Toronto.

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McCafé at Home by Didier Young

It is no secret that I have a high affinity for coffee. There was once a blessed time where half a cup of coffee would suffice to render me shaking for hours, but nowadays it takes about three of them to somewhat wake me up. While I do love going out and exploring the city for different coffee places to work at while enjoying my favourite hot beverage, I also tend to require at least one cup of said beverage to get me out of the house. Vicious circle, I know.

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Light Café by Didier Young

Baldwin village is a location well known for all the small restaurants that populate the community. However, you would have been hard pressed to find a coffee house until Light Café opened up a few months ago.  To be fair, the place is a bit of a hybrid: part café and part food spot with a fairly extensive menu of soups and sandwiches.

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Boxcar Social: Queen's Quay by Didier Young

I will have to make a confession. I was one of the last passengers to jump onto the Boxcar bandwagon. I did not discover the brand of coffee shops until the second location opened up in a reconverted furniture store in the east end of Toronto. Since then, I have always made sure to make myself present and with my ticket in hand at Boxcar Social.....

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New beginnings by Didier Young

In my natural habitat. Photo by Lauren McPhillips.

Hello everybody, my name is Didier and welcome to blog post numero uno.

If you're here so that we can discuss how Quantum Mechanics forbids the accelerating expansion of spacetime, then I am sorry you might have googled wrongly.

This blog is about a Toronto minimalistic lifestyle approach and all the components that it may entail. We shall discuss sensible fashion, mouthwatering food, excessive amounts of coffee and pretty potted plants next to white walls. For a slightly more detailed description of me and the way to properly pronounce my name and what it supposedly means, click on the About section located at the top righthand side corner of the blog.

While I do love global brands and the range of products that they shower the market with, Toronto has a wonderful array of artisans that produce quality Canadian goods that we sometimes overlook. As such, this blog will also feature many Toronto brands and institutions that have made an impact on me and more detailed outlooks on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hoping you enjoy the content that is yet to come.