Four Jacket Styles to Own in Spring by Didier Young

As I am writing this, Toronto is still surprisingly covered in snow and ice. On the bright side, the weather is supposed to hit the double digits this upcoming week and I couldn’t be happier. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, not because of the blooming of the Magnolias and the melting of the ice block on which I live, but rather because of all the jackets. When you’re a boy, you don't have the beautiful dresses that girls have in the summer and instead, you often have to result to a plain outfit that consists of a t-shirt and shorts. Winter is a write-off as you are covered in the biggest parka jacket that you can find. For me, the two best fashion seasons are spring and fall but unfortunately they are quite short lived. As such, here are four jackets that you should invest on for these few weeks between winter and summer.

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Travel Wear by Didier Young

Travelling. When you are a blogger or insta-blogger with the slightest interest in fashion, that word usually evokes images of pretty sceneries where you get to be the model of your own editorial. When it comes to travelling, bloggers tend to spend weeks (if not months) prior simply securing fashion partnerships, doing pulls of clothing that is yet to hit the shelves and going on whirlwind shopping trips to find the perfect outfit for the perfect location. However, the journey to those utopian locations sometimes require a plane ride or two. Those are the moments when we shed away our glamorous garbs in favour of comfortable coats like everyone else. 

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