city of stars

City of Stars by Didier Young

City of Stars, Are you shining just for me? Those few words, lyrics to La La Land’s City of Stars, have been stuck in my head ever since I saw the movie last week.  After winning a record breaking seven Golden Globes this year, the movie is a front running to amass even more gold at the 89th Academy Awards to be held on February 26th. The movie has been a critical and commercial success so far and has been applauded for its revival of the old Hollywood musical genre. It is a story of passion, love and the love for the things you are passionate about. La La Land is a movie about dreamers, made for dreamers, in a time of uncertainty in the world. It is a reflection of what we hold dearest to us and the sacrifices we incur when we strive to reach for our dreams. More than anything, It is a piece that seems airy on the outside but acts as a reflection piece on our own lives.

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