Unexpected Joy by Didier Young

Sometimes it’s easy to take the small things for granted. My move to the big city and to a First World country was fairly recent but at times, it is easy for me to forget my origins. Growing up in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, life was simple and definitely not as bountiful as it is here in Toronto, Canada. We did not have as much of a selection for everything but we were happy with the things that we did have. One of my fondest childhood memories was about Cadbury chocolates and I am excited to pair with the chocolate brand this holiday season to help #freethejoy.

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Miku by Didier Young

This time of year holds a different meaning for everyone. Students are glad to be done their exams and to head home for the holidays. Bloggers start working on their holiday gift sets and end of year giveaways. Others start stressing out because Christmas is at our door steps and we ended up buying more presents for ourselves than for our loved ones. When it comes to the Hospitality industry, restaurants start gearing up to launch their Holiday menus. Today, we shall take a look at Miku’s.

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Winter Village by Didier Young

I am your father. You had me at Hello. I’m gonna make him an offer he won’t refuse. Movies and televisions shows have often been a source of popular culture quotes that transcended time. Each generation of viewers end up adapting their own jargon to the movies of the moment. I remember when Mean Girls came out and everyone could quote the entirety of the movie. To this date, I can still quote parts of it. Isn’t it fetch? In my everyday life, I make a lot of references to such quotes and yesterday I got to use one of my favourite ones from Gilmore Girls. I smell snow.

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